"Francesco Villano plays Victor....
... A sensual and beautiful moment, when Yerma and Victor dance together.... All three actors have a solid acting technique and great capacity of interpretation..."
Oltrecultura, (Marisa Paladino)
"Villano plays the two different men that give meaning to Yerma's life; Victor, the man with a passionate temperament, and her weak husband Juan, two opposite male images that the actor succeedes in portraying convincingly. Well done..."
Teatro.org, (Gianmarco Cesario)
"Great interpretations from all the three actors, Maria Pilar Peréz Aspa, Mariangela Granelli and Francesco Villano... Moving, funny and thrilling!"
Dramma.it, (Emanuela Ferrauto)
"Francesco Villano keeps his balance between two masculine opposites..."
L'Unità, (Rossella Battisti)
"Francesco Villano directs "Sonata per Ragazza Sola" ... an exquisite example of cruel cynicisim which moves the audience to smile ironically at the sharpness of the text.... The lighting is beautiful and gives a subtle touch of retrò-style to the narration... A theatrical jewel."
Persinsala.it (Michela di Michele)
"A deep sense of musicality pervades the entire show... Francesco Villano builds a whole world of actual situations, expectations and illusions in which the characters of the play come to life..."
Teatro e Critica (Viviana Raciti)
"Highly recommended!...The theatrical production "Sonata per Ragazza Sola" is brilliant and very accurate; every single gesture is carefully directed and the acting is accompanied by a classy choice of pieces of music..."
Dramma.it (Angela Villa)
"Sonata per Ragazza Sola"... is brillantly performed by Federica Bern, and brillantly directed by Francesco Villano... The show is a true delight! .... The theatrical direction is subtle and punctual ... (ON TIME? Do you mean direct?) Francesco Villano, an actor himself, accurately works with Federica Bern... showing a deep understanding of the humanity of the two characters here portrayed... The work is really beautiful... Well done to the two artists!".
Teatroguardato.it (Fernanda Soana)
"The eternal conflict between mother and daughter is here phyisically visible on the stage... and that's a very effective choice made by the director..."
Saltinaria.it (Andrea Dispenza)